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It is important for consumers to have a lot of choices in order to pick a product which best meets their needs. Choices are great for those who want nothing but the best. More options mean that there are more possibilities of finding the best product that fits one’s needs and preferences. The same goes for credit cards. For more information about the choices available to you when shopping around for the best ‘plastic’ deal, call the Halifax telephone number. Just making the call is a major leap towards the best financial solution. Get to compare different credit card products, deals and offers. No matter which Halifax credit card you choose, you will get unparalleled shopping satisfaction.

The Halifax credit card may be used for fund transfers, payments, and other purposes. One can choose to pay just the minimum amount stated in his or her monthly bill. Those who pay their credit card bills promptly get exclusive offers. Just call customer services to know more about these exclusive offers. All these credit cards are usable online through mobile and online banking.

  • Halifax Balance. Enjoy free interest offer for up to 30 months! This applies on all balance transfers within the first three months. Aside from this, they can also enjoy 0% interest in all their purchases within six months.
  • Halifax Balance Transfer. It offers 0% on balance transfers within the first 28 days. These are for transactions made within the first three months. Call the Halifax contact telephone number for more information.
  • Halifax Credit Card. Holders of this card can enjoy 0% interest fee on all balance transfer within the first 24 days. A part of the initial transfer fee is refunded. There is also no interest for purchases made in the first 90 days.
  • All-in-one. This card has everything that one could ever need. There is no interest fee for the first fifteen months. This applies to purchases and balance transfers alike. Surely, there are no complaints with these benefits.
  • 17 month purchase. The Halifax Purchase Credit Card offers free interest for purchases made within the first 17 months. In addition, there is no interest fee for the first six months. This applies to transfer made within the first three months.
  • Clarity. Clear savings come with this credit card. Enjoy free balance transfers, free cash withdrawal, and credit card payments anywhere in the world. Forget about annual fees too!
  • Student. Usually, the credit limit is set to £1000 unless the card holder chooses to decrease this limit. Just call the Halifax contact number to lower the credit limit to as low as £100.

Payments made in different affiliate online retailers are guaranteed secure. The website offers a lot of helpful resources for information that interested people may need. There are different kinds of payment methods so it is definitely convenient for card holders. Card holders can choose to pay via Direct Debit, online payments, telephone banking, standing order, post, different Halifax branches, bank payments, and international payments. To check for other payment options, call the Halifax telephone number.

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